Monday, April 10, 2017


Describe the difference in Ray Bradbury's tone with regard to Clarisse & Beatty. Support your analysis with examples of Bradbury's diction and detail.

      The yin and yang, night and day, dead and alive. In Farenheit 45, Ray Bradbury uses obvious contrasting details when describing Clarisse and Beatty. Throughout the story we see how contrasting these 2 characters are with how Bradbury uses diction and detail. We can describe Beatty as a wise but conformist man and Clarisse as a curious and care-free person.
    Clarisse is introduced as a silly girl. She approaches a fireman which most people would not since they burn stuff. Montag luckily is curious of this and rather listens to her. She has an interest in books and the "why?". Bradbury's reason to introduce her like this is to show us the pure innocence of being a curious human. With Clrrisse we can see how Montag also reacts to this. I is clear to us that Bradbury uses Clarisse to show us that Montag himself sees himself in Clarisse. Clarisse is still a teenager unknown to the reaality of the world around her.
     Beatty knows a lot but knows he is not the person to go against the government. He is seen as this knowledgeable person that Montag seems to be scared of. Beatty does things because he has to not because he likes to or thinks they are right. Bradbury uses Beatty to describe the conformists of society. They are not going to be te ones to stand up and will just let everything pass them. As we see in the end Montag comes to the realization that maybe Beatty wanted to die. Beatty probably knew to much but did not want to do anything about so the only solution would be death.

Monday, March 20, 2017


1. To some people reading is not so enjoyable so burning insteadof reading them is a change some might like.
2. Books are compared to birds because they represent the freeedom of flying birds. They fly away wherever like books take you places.
3. Montag lives a mundane routine life while Clarrise is an innocent teenager that lives her life like she lives it. She might be considered foolish to be acting like that and Montag can be considered smart for simply adjusting to society. But Clarrise is having fun while Montag is not.
4. Technology controls their life just like it controls people's lives today. They want the newest T.V set or the newest model.

Monday, March 13, 2017


As I looked at it all I felt accomplished. It had a good run of several million years. It seems like the most successful of them all. I  look around and think it really is amazing what they can do together. Just the other day glaciers melted a little bit more. The water line has risen and many cities are submerged. The weather has been crazy with monsoons and tornadoes so I know the end is near. I really thought they were on track to saving it but it seems not. There was some close calls. They actually built weaponry to wipe themselves out several times over but it never came to that. The one slip-up was no one seemed to care about the environment. Another failed earth but we have gathered great intelligence from them. Hopefully the next one is successful. (i am not finished)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


In Prufrock we very much see this tone of dark sinister bottom rut life. This Prufrock has no self esteem and puts himself under the scrutiny of others. There is imagery to this with him saying he is under the pin and being judged upon by others. It is very effective because it makes you have that feeling of uncomfortness. Just imagining you're being judged like that by others is not great. Feeling like a worthless bug under judgment, some good imagery.

Sunday, March 5, 2017


First I have to point out that I am surprised I had not seen the Great Gatsby movie. The old one or the new one. I like that we are watching the old one because it is closer to the real time the book was written in. Often movies are really different from the books so it is also a good thing we read the book before watching the movie. It sucks even knowing who the actors are that play them in the movie because when you are reading the book, now you have a mental image of the actor (at least for me) and not of what your mind thought when the author described them. The first shots of the movie show Gatsby's huge but empty house. It is really mysterious and for people knowing nothing of the book it is perfect to set them up for the mystery. We then see Nick crossing the sea in a boat chasing his hat. There are other much bigger boats in the sea so we get to see are introduced to the snobby rich folk of East Egg. I will have to see more of the movie now.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Call him selfish but he's doing it out of love! You can't stop a determined man. His mind is set.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Chapter 1.
Q1. Are Miss Baker and Daisy introduced in a lazy way?
Q2. Why would Nick's past make him feel distant from others?

Chapter 2.
Q1. Culture in the 20's can be seen how in this chapter?
Q2. What events could have anticipated Tom hitting Myrtle?

Chapter 3.
Q1. Describe Gatsby's party in 3 words?
Q2. From where does Gatsby say he recognizes Nick?

Chapter 4.
Q1. From what Jordan says, can we infer that Daisy and Gatsby have a romantic past?
Q2. What is the significance with Gatsby having attented Oxford?